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Pixel Reboot // Doom Eternal || Review

Doom Eternal Review!

The epic Doom has final hit. Id’s New entry in the Doom franchise; Doom eternal. The game play is an upgraded experience from Doom 2016. The execution kills are spot on and never feel out of place in the thickness of battle. The weapons feel good and upgrades noticeable. The movement is fluent and controlled. […]

KQ4 Reboot Review with Kabluwe

King’s Quest IV


Rig Talk

RigTalk || Stacie Bowman | The art of Horror Makeup

RigTalk, second episode with Stacie Bowman a wonderful makeup artist.

Jake / Head Esports Coach at Concord University

Rig Talk, first episode with Jake the new Head Esports Coach at Concord University. ► Jake:

Fashion Frame

Titania Prime

Warframe Oberon

Ivara Prime

Harrow Lights up the Night

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