We got Robbed Help Reboot the Rig with our GoFundMe


We got robbed two weeks ago when thieves broke into the MaGoo, smashing the driver’s side window and stealing our gaming computers, a remote hard drive containing our game data, a microphone, and damaging the interior in the process. While the police are investigating the theft, there is little hope that they will recover any […]

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Warframe Eximus Rework

Thoughts on the Eximus Rework

Let’s talk about the Eximus Enemies rework for DE’s Warframe. We’ve had about two weeks of the “Angels of the Zariman” update, which included the Eximus rework. The Eximus have always been a strange beast in Warframe. With the masses of enemy units to focus on, the Eximus often blended in with the horde. A […]

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[ Enter Here ] Drawing will be April 15th WINNER – kiwi-_-bird on PS4!!! – Garuda Prime: Garuda Prime and her signature Prime gear tear through the battlefield with razor-sharp talons and sanguine bloodletting. Experience Garuda’s reworked abilities and witness the queen of gore get deadlier the more blood is spilled. – Nagantaka Prime: A […]

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Pixel Reboot 2022 Pricing WBG

Take Advantage Of New Rates

Pixel Reboot is pleased to announce steep discounts to our marketing services meaning New Rates for Advertising. By installing new energy-saving devices, completing our outstanding financial obligations and exclusively partnering with Mint Mobile. We’ve been able to lower the cost of streaming from our one-of-a-kind Mobile Gaming Unit (MGU). We’re passing on the savings to […]

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$100 Steam Gift Card

$100 Steam Gift Card | Giveaway [ Enter Here ] Drawing will be November 4th Drawing for the winner will be on November 4th  2021. The winner must claim the prize by November 14th 2021 via their contact information provided for the contest. Prizes note claimed after the 10 day grace period are null and void.  This […]

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