Mobile Gaming Unit

MGU NYC 2019

Making eyes hungry for more

Info on the M.G.U.The M.G.U. (pronounced “MaGoo”) is built from the chassis of an MT45 Freightliner with a Mercedes-Benz engine. Every inch has been designed to catch the eye of any passers-by. Everyone knows what the ice cream truck looks like, and now here is one serving up delicious new games! It is very difficult to walk by the MGU and not take a moment to check out what’s goingon. The truck’s very presence piques curiosity, and puts a new and completely novel spin on the very old profession of marketing. Info on the M.G.U.

Get your brand seen

The MGU presents many options:

1. Display traditional print advertisements on the rear and side panels.

2. Stream video clips and trailers featuring your game to both at-home and on-street viewers.

3. Offer the experience of on-site live gaming to gamers on Twitch, YouTube, or any streaming platform of your choice*.

4. VIP Guests and co-hosts presenting and playing your game inside the truck during livestream shows.

5. Host VIP Guests and celebrity streamers presenting and playing your game inside the truck during live shows.

The MGU can travel to locations and be running within 30 minutes and is perfect for city locations visited by millions of tourists daily. It can be dispatched to events and conventions where targeted audiences can be found.