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  • Doom Eternal Review!
    The epic Doom has final hit. Id’s New entry in the Doom franchise; Doom eternal. The game play is an […]
  • “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You” by the Alan Parsons Project
    Hey Lovers, For the next cut we’ll be dipping our toes (nay, our whole dang bodies) into my favorite genre […]
  • King’s Quest IV
    (or Playing ‘Perils of Rosella’ With My Niece) This past President’s Day (Week) gave me some time at my parents’ […]
  • “Shanghai Confidential” by Donald Fagen
    Hey Lovers, It’s Kabluwe, your DJ of the Deep, spinning you more soulful Songs To Game To. Next up is […]
  • Verdun
    Featuring painstaking realism, action-packed gameplay and solid physics, Verdun does an amazing job of conveying the senseless carnage and staggering loss of life that have come to define WWI. In doing so, Verdun has made itself unique in the war game genre.